Hiking in the mountains of Norway (Siri G)
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Hiking in the mountains of Norway

Hola amigos!

So my summer vacation have not just been spend on a beach in Italy, I have been hiking! My famiy is really sporty, and love to do hiking and stuff. So my mum decided that we should do a hiking trip in the mountains. And then we did it. My mum owns a mountain house, so we just drove a little bit from there till our first destination the first day. We slept at a kind of hotel the first day, and then headed out for our first day of hiking! It was a spectacular trip! The nature was so beautiful and outstanding, I really can?t capture it in pictures.

After 6 hours of hiking, we finally made it till our next destination. My knees and feets was hurting like hell, but it was all worth it.

We met this little raindeer who was just 2 months old. It was not accepted by its mother, so it lived with the goats and it also pretended to be one haha! It was really cute and human friendly, and it liked to chew my hair!

It was a really beautiful place where we stayed, and i really want to go back!

The next and final day was also a 6 hours walk. I was still tired from the day before, but it was worth it anyways. The nature experience was so good! I felt really small compared to the nature, and it was beautiful!

I would highly recommed a trip like this!



  • 26.07.2014 kl.21:01
    S nydelige bilder! :) helt utrolig

    Ha en fin kveld videre!

    hadde vrt koselig om du hadde tatt en titt p bloggen min ;)

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