The butterfly effect (Siri G)
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The butterfly effect

Hi! :)

The following pictures are 100% inspired by Jordyn aka @capture_your_heart at instagram. Check her out!

Yesterday was a very great day for me as a photographer because I finally was on a photoshoot after a very long time. I met up with my frends Marina and Lucia in the castle park here in Oslo and took a buch of pictures. Most of them turned out great too! I will be posting pictures from this shoot the coming weeks, so stay tuned :)

I'm not 100% happy with the light in these pictures, but I kinda like them anyway. What do you think?



  • 02.08.2014 kl.09:50
    Kjempefine bilder!
    02.08.2014 kl.09:51
    Wow! Super fint!:-)
    02.08.2014 kl.12:01
    Nydelige bilder!

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