Instameet #2 (Siri G)
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Instameet #2

Instameets are the best, and I'm going to miss them so much when I'm moving out of Oslo in two weeks. I'm so glad I started to share my photography there bc I've made so many friends and met lots of lovely people. Here are a few more pictures from the meet:

What do you think about the pictures?



  • 08.08.2014 kl.13:21
    S fine bilder :D
    08.08.2014 kl.17:35
    herlig :D
    08.08.2014 kl.19:31
    fine bilder :)
    08.08.2014 kl.20:54
    S utrolige fine bilder! Masse inspirasjon!
    08.08.2014 kl.21:08
    Utrolig fine bilder :) nsker deg en fantastisk fin helg <3
    08.08.2014 kl.22:25
    S fine bilder!
    08.08.2014 kl.23:09
    Fine bilder :-)
    09.08.2014 kl.21:03
    Fine biiiilder ^^

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