Instameet #3 (Siri G)
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Instameet #3

I feel like I only blog about the instameet at the moment, but I have so much to post about it. Gina, One of the girls I met made a very nice video from the meet that I thoght I could share. I also suggest to check out her youtube channel, she post really nice videos :). I will probably also post the rest of the pictures I took in a new post when I have edited them. I promise to blog about other things in the near future, I feel like I'm instameet bombing you. haha.

Have you ever been to an instameet or something similar before?

  • 10.08.2014 kl.09:48
    aw, hihi <3
    10.08.2014 kl.12:14
    Gina: <3

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