Italy 2014 (Siri G)
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Italy 2014

I haven't made a post about my vacation to Italy back in June yet, so here it comes. I went to a litle palce in northern Italy called Lerici, which is very close to the beautiful Cinque Terre area. It was a very small and cozy place with loads of restaurants, palm trees, a few beaches and some really handsome life guards.I used most of my days sunbathing at the beach and eating delicious italian food, I normally think its kinda boring to be at the beach all day, but I have to say that some of the italian boys are eyecandy so I have to be honest to say that I was looking at them behind my sunglasses, hehe. As said, Lerici is very close to Cinque Terre, so we took the boat to the area one of the days.If you ever are going to Cinque Terre, I would suggest you to go to one city to another. The nature experience you get is incredible. It might be a little hard to go up in the mountains, but it is totally worth it! And then you can go and buy an icecream aterwards, that was what I did :). Cinque Terre was absolutely beautful! I also visited the tower of Pisa the last day when we had a little lime off before we went on the plane to our way back home to Norway.

Have you been to Italy before?



  • 11.08.2014 kl.18:37
    12.08.2014 kl.13:03
    For noen fantastiske bilder!
    12.08.2014 kl.13:42
    Ingrid: tusen takk du :)
    12.08.2014 kl.13:43
    mmffee: tusen takk for det :)
    12.08.2014 kl.13:54
    Fine bilder! Aldri vrt i Italia fr, men kunne godt tenke meg dra dit en gang :-)
    12.08.2014 kl.15:36
    Wow, kjempefine bilder!

    Utrolig fin blogg i tillegg <3
    12.08.2014 kl.15:38
    Kjempefine bilder!
    12.08.2014 kl.16:33
    Kjempefine bilder! S utrolig herlig ut :-)
    12.08.2014 kl.17:42
    wow, fine bilder!
    13.08.2014 kl.11:01
    Utrolig fine bilder og en veldig fin kjole du hadde p deg p de bildene! Har kjempelyst til oppleve italia en gang jeg ogs, for et idyllisk sted :D Har en sprsmlsrunde p bloggen akkurat n, hadde vrt koselig om du hadde stilt inn noen sprsml :)

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