A weekend away from home (Siri G)
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A weekend away from home

As I said in my previous post, I did not spend this weekend at home, I spend it in the mountain of Norway on a horse. I travelled all alone by mydelf, and the reason why I did it was because I have missed to ride a horse so much lately and I just needed to do something else than normal Oslo things. I took the train from Oslo early friday morning to a place named Gol, and the owner of the cam drove me up to the little ranch. It was very pretty there, and the atmosphere was really chil and cozy. As mentioned, I travelled alone, but luckily I got to know some really cool people; an aunt with her two nieses and that become my gang the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was the first day with horse riding. I got a horse named Stephan (which is the best horse). We was riding around two hours in the mountains before we ate lunch with beautiful surroundings before we rode home. I had a very cozy evening containing of playing cards and much to laught about.

Sunday was very similar to saturday, and I loved it! I really liked the horsemanship at this ranch. The horses never wore anything expecpt from when we rode, and they were free, had a lot of space and looked like wild horses. Thats the right way to look after a horse, after my opinion :)

I will probably post more pictures from this trips when I'm done with the editing :)

What have you been up to this weekend?



  • 18.08.2014 kl.18:46
    Denne helgen har jeg jobbet! :-)

    Fine bilder!

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